US FAQs & Tribute

What is Countess Steel's tribute?  

  • $300 1hr plus dungeon hire
  • $500 90 minutes plus dungeon hire
  • $600 2hrs including dungeon hire

How do I initiate contact with Countess Steel? 

The most efficient way is to email  

What information do you require?

I require a reference from the last Mistress you sessioned with or one you regularly session with. Include their website and email contact in your email enquiry.

How do I pay a deposit for my session?

Email me to request the link

How much do I deposit?

Its $100 for all sessions regardless of time frame. Unless you wish to pay the full amount in advance then you would input the total amount manually. 

Where can I meet Countess Steel? 

My tour dates are listed on my website and twitter@BritishMistress

How may I communicate with Countess Steel?

I am happy to enter into a dialogue via email once you have paid your deposit and scheduled an appointment. You must have a City and date listed in the subject line of your email. I do not enter into lengthy conversations if you have not scheduled an appointment and paid a deposit.  Once I am confident you are sincere, and, I have determined that there is a date and time that work for both of our schedules, a phone call may be set up in addition to email. 

As much as I adore talking with my submissive's in advance of our session, un-necessary texting or calling will be seen as bad behaviour and could lead to blocking.